RESCOLL Technology Centre of Materials

RESCOLL is an innovative SME, best defined as a private company specialized in coating, adhesives and polymers. Their activities are industrial research and development of innovative products and processes. RESCOLL performs innovative research in the field of industrial applications of polymers (composites, resins, adhesives, varnish, coatings, etc.) and related fields. The company currently has 150 employees with sales of 15 M€ in 2019. The main part of their sales is in the aerospace and health industry. RESCOLL has been at the origin of more than 60 patents in the field of polymers and composites. Rescoll activities is certified ISO 9001 and its development in medical is certified ISO 13 485. They have ISO 17025 and NADCAP accredited laboratories and its test labs are specialized in the fields of vibroacoustic testing, mechanical characterization, thermo mechanical analysis, chemical analysis, surface analysis and accelerated ageing. RESCOLL provide services for cleaning validation, packaging validation and biocompatibility testing. RESCOLL has worked extensively on the development of techniques and materials for 3D printing technologies, and is home to MED FAB LAB, a regionally (Aquitaine, France) funded platform for medical 3D printing development and prototyping. As well RESCOLL has extensively worked on the development of innovative products and processes such as electrospinning.

Role within SBR

The RESCOLL team will be responsible for the development of appropriate formulation, compounding and extrusion of medical grade filaments for additive manufacturing. They will oversee the FFF additive manufacturing of the medical-grade polymers. The will also work on the electrospinning of the support matrices for active materials, the pre-functionalization to attach active ingredients as well as on the mechanical testing of the components. RESCOLL will also bring its expertise in medical devices and in polymer sciences, especially relating to the required properties of the system to meet the patient needs.

Main Contacts

Marilys Blanchy
Marilys Blanchy