Smart Bone Regeneration


The EU research project SBR (Smart Bone Regeneration) aims to improve treatment options for patients with large bone defects. By combining a smart implant with innovative tissue-engineering methods, the project will develop a minimally invasive technique designed to complement existing clinical practices.

Demographic change &
age-linked conditions
Burden on European
healthcare systems
Annual healthcare costs (fractures)
expected to increase 23% by 2030


Learn more about our ideas and objectives in the animated SBR film!


5 Years


6.4 Mio €

11 Partners

6 Countries


“The SBR bone regenerative solution will reduce the risk of post-operative complications such as infection and failure of consolidation of the regenerate bone. Like this, we can contribute to a reduction of the overall cost and recovery time for patients with large bone defects and reduce the burden for families and caretakers.”

Elias Panagiotopoulos, SBR Project Coordinator

“Our approach will also be minimally invasive in terms of clinical routines and workflows. The system is designed to complement existing practices rather than replacing them. We will also prioritise training opportunities and cooperate closely with the practitioners’ community to ensure that the novel solution reaches the clinic.”

Sophia Antimisiaris, SBR Project Coordinator