GenesInk is a company founded in 2010 with currently 15 employees offering a large range of conductive and semi-conductive inks for printed electronic applications. Their products are made of metallic and semi-metallic nanoparticles synthesized on GenesInk manufacturing pilot lines and incorporated in unique coatings and ink formulations. Specifically designed for R2R printing methods, Genesink products give high performances onto flexible substrates and offer a true alternative to commonly used deposition methods.

Role within SBR

Within SBR, GenesInk will be involved in the definition of the specifications of the highly conductive inks as well as the development of nanoparticles for biocompatible sensors and antennas. They will also work on the development and optimization of highly conductive inks adapted for inkjet printing and/or screen printing. GenesInk will conduct screen printing and inkjet printing tests and their post-treatment. They will also characterize inks and substrates.

Main Contacts

Benjamin Dhuiège
Benjamin Dhuiège